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People are stressed out enough as it is right now. So, let's humor them with fun & educational video content about their 

legal issues and ease their concerns. 

What is our campaign goal?
Land more clients and build brand awareness. We want to make your 
firm more approachable and trustworthy through humor and education, 
especially during these times of doubt and uncertainty. 
How are we gonna' do that? 
Generate video content that doesn't come off as boring ads or 'puff pieces'. Instead, your videos will be fun and will also educate the viewers. Your videos are can be distributed on various social networks and they will always end with a clear call to action.  (website, lead form, landing page, contact page... etc )
Where is the opportunity?

People are spending more time online than ever before and ad costs (especially for video) have dropped significantly. Even without paid ads, 

a fun and witty video can potentially be shared by thousands of people.

Humor is IN-DEMAND

People have enough things to worry about in this COVID and humor is

the one thing that can take their mind off things and put them at ease, 

especially when they find themselves in an unfortunate situation and need legal help. We can put them at ease and clear their doubts ahead of time. 


Educational Video Topics:

- Nine Questions You Need To Ask Every Lawyer You Interview

-Ten Tips for Maximizing Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

-Fact or Fiction:  7 Myths about Personal Injury Cases that you should definitely know. 

Comedy Skits 

Comedy skits skits that play out certain situations that

your potential clients might find themselves in.  

"Worst Day Ever" 

"I Was Blackmailed By My Boss" 

"Yes, you should definitely sue." 

Breaking down $0 Down Solar
Educational - Lead Gen
Distribution of Content
& Lead Generation
We will work directly with your current sales and marketing team to generate ideas and scripts to attract your ideal clients and  your businesses online conversion goals.  
Content is social friendly. 1 minute, 2 minute and 3 minute videos that are easily digested by the viewer.  
Additionally, if needed, we can also  produce branding videos you want for your website or for PR purposes (Diversity, Covid Friendly, Company Culture)
Samples Of Our Work
Branding with Humor
We love making fun of social topics and
consumer culture! So we filmed this
solar energy commercial similar to the style of a typical pharmaceutical ad, but turned it on its head.  
This video is clearly just a technical showcase. We were involved with the conception and creative and the commercial was filmed by our award winning director and filmmaker Christoph Lacmanski.
Should I Go Solar?
Educational and Informative
The video is an educational  case study on going solar vs not going solar with a full financial breakdown. And since their Texas locations had a large demographic of Spanish speaking residents, we filmed this video in both English and Spanish.
ButterBrand: 420 in San Francisco
Documentary Style
 When it comes to celebrating 4/20, few places can compare to San Francisco's massive annual smoke fest at Hippy Hill. As a sponsor/vendor for this event, ButterBrand asked us to make a short film on the festivities and events.
How can we film/produce with
all the current restrictions?
Remote virtual studios

-Minimal production staff and physical overhead needed. 

-All productions will only require a maximum of 3 people on site 

(Film, sound, talent) 


Video Editing 

Videos are typically edited by two people, both of whom can share files and projects remotly and edit together

if needed with todays most current editing tools. 

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! 

We've been using zoom conferencing 

and remote project workflows for years. We are a digital video and distribution company. 



GOAL: People love to watch professionals analyze pop culture interpretation on their actual professions.These videos get a ton of views and as a viewer, I automatically like the lawyers hosting these videos because they come off as AUTHENTIC and DOWN TO EARTH. 

PRODUCTION TIME: Essentially, we have one of your counsels watch various scenes from law films, TV shows, or anything in pop culture and they break it down.(See video sample). Preferably one male or female counsels who is comfortable in front of a camera and has a witty personality.   


Real Lawyer Reacts to Suits (full episode)

Lawyer Breaks Down 30 Courtroom Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

Pop culture references we can tap into: The Sopranos, The Last Dance, The Wire, Law and Order, Suits -- lotta stuff out there. 

SHOULD I SUE? 7 Reasons Why You Should (or shouldn't) Sue.   

GOAL: People love LISTS. It's a highly engaging way to capture viewers.  And there are a lot of people out there who are either too scared or misinformed to sue someone who clearly deserves it. A quick 60-90 second video minute video, focused on educating with a fun and laid back approach.  Also, by emphasizing why someone also should or SHOULDN'T sue, you are telling the viewer that you have their best interest in mind and that you don't want to take on a case that will ultimately waste their time. Its all about the VIEWERS SELF INTEREST. 

PRODUCTION: Similar to the style as before but instead we have the counsel break down the most common questions and concerns. Instead of watching films, they can listen to real questions being asked from real people (actors in this case).    


Lawyers Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Lawyers


GOAL: Make them laugh... AND let them know that you are fully self aware of the "Lawyer stigma" and use it to your full advantage. A fully scripted skit with actors and a character we make up that encompasses everything bad about lawyers and make fun of it. People are much willing to sympathize with a firm that is self aware of the stereotypes. 

Potential Videos Ideas: 

The Shady Lawyer Pitches To His Clients: Basically a skit showing a couple talk to a lawyer who is inexperienced, sleazy, and out solely to make money and could care less about them. Make the conversation get more and more awkward to the point where the couple just leaves, eventually leading them to meet your firm.  

Shady Lawyer infomercial: Shoot a parody infomercial of a terrible law practice that will resort to anything to make money. Have the lawyers take live calls on the commercial and not be able to answer any questions due to their lack of experience.  


PRODUCTION: Shot in a closed set with actors and crew.