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Adding Video To Your Mix

Exploring the option of creating fun videos for The Real Deal website and its associated properties. 
A) Boost your subscriber base with smart, witty advertising incorporating humor and education.
B) Implement even MORE video content within your website to keep users engaged. 
C) Implement bite sized teasers and video stories in you online social pages (FB/IG/LI) . 
D) Create unique original video pieces that are only available to subscribers. 
E) Take advantage of the millions of people who are ready and waiting to consume your product in video format. 
Strategic Sponsorship With Persian AF

We make a fun video ad of your company with the same tone and humorof our original content and we include your video as a "commercial break" at the halfway point of the video, when users are most engaged. This can be a starting point to gauge our videos reach and how well we can work with one another.    

Creative Video Ads For With A Broad Reach

We will write, film, and produce professionally filmed content specifically for a broader audience and explain the value-add of being a subscriber to TRD . These types of videos will include  various jokes and "digs" at the industry and speak directly to your non-subscribers in such a way that they would be crazy not to subscribe. Make them laugh and bring them value. 

Turn TRD Into A Multimedia Powerhouse Telling OUT OF THE BOX Video Stories With A Humorous Tone.

Almost any piece of written content, data, report or case study can be converted into a video. A simple video can generate up to 20X more shares, likes and engagement when compared to a similar post with text and images only. The best part is that your website ALREADY provides incredible information and value, and by offering that value in a video format will only help increase your reach even further. Additionally, this will also allow you to explore opportunities and new content that was once not available in plain text format.  

Turn Your Social Media Pages Into An Organic Video Outreach Machine

Whether it's your IG, FB or LinkedIn page, we can use these platforms to tell unique bite sized video pieces that give your audience a sample of the type of content and value they can receive as a subscriber.