What Are Your Current Challenges?
Booking large groups & events during the week
Where is the opportunity?

Meeting planners love to book venues they trust. So, let's create content that will build their trust, and provide them helpful information and distribute it in a way that will lead them into booking an appointment with you.  We want to communicate consistently in a selfless, helpful way and deploy content that helps your prospects understand the destination better and do their job more effectively, thus building their trust.

Let's provide them with
Helpful Video Content

Educational Video Topics:


"How to book a large group event without pulling your hair out"

"7 essential keys to booking a proper business retreat"

"10 reasons why a company retreat can help boost your sales"

Resort Related Video Topics 

"Ojai Valley Inn: How we built the ultimate retreat for businesses"

"What a your next company event can look like at Ojai Valley Inn"

"We took our employees on a luxury retreat.... heres what happened..."

Distribution of Content
& Lead Generation
We use proven data methods to target your key demographic
Content is distributed through Facebook and LinkedIn to your key demo
Leads can be generated directly from the video with a via built in survey/form, or linked directly to your sales funnel online. 
Leads are automatically emailed and tracked in our system and allow us to monitor EVERYTHING in FULL TRANSPARENCY
After a short testing period, we will begin to have predictable and scalable lead generation in place for you. 
Pricing & Strategy
Month To Month
1 month
Month 2
Soft Launch & Testing
Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 1.40.46 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 9.06.01 AM.png
Campaign Managment & Setup Costs
Production Cost
Campaign Managment  Fee
* You can do this on a month to month, but if you commit to the 90 days up front, we will remove the $2500 management/setup fee from the first month
We  run multiple ads with a very small budget and tests our videos to multiple demographics to see which ones respond best and which audiences don't.
After 2 weeks, we should have generated enough results and data to be able to fine tune these and prepare for a hard launch . 
Month 3:
Full 30 Day Launch
Target Group: 1 Team Of 20 People Staying 3 Nights 
Revenue Per Target Group Sale: $60,000
(Minus COGS   $50,000)
(AOP)  Avg. Order Profit  $10,000
Ad Spend
Managment  Fee
Total Monthly Marketing Spend
10% Close Rate 
1/10  Leads Closed 
* Estimated $2,500 Ad Spend Needed To Generate 10 leads
$10,000 for every $5,000 Spent = 2:1 ROI
20% Close Rate 
2/10  Leads Closed 
 $20,000  for every $5,000 Spent = 4:1 ROI
Campaign Managment  Fee
Statement of Work

Phase 1: Initial Setup & Film Production


Setup/ On Boarding: Meet in person at your resort for tour of facility.

- Collaborate with Ojai marketing team in an on-site (or off-site) idea sharing session.

- Physical walkthrough of the facility, get access/permission to post content social media pages, install monitor trackers and work with your web team to make sure that we both have full transparency of what's going.

- Set up your automated lead-generation that will provide automatic emails once a lead is generate.


Video Production: Build (2) Video creatives with Call to Action and lead functionality 

Creative (1) - Educational

Creative (2) - Complete Service Offering Breakdown (addressing a pain point)

- Writing full copy/script for both videos

- Film, edit and complete videos withing 30 day time frame.


By the end of month one, we will have (2) videos completed. Each video will have its own powerful and unique message to engage directly with your audience.


Phase 2: Campaign Creation/Split Testing/Pre-Launch


- Detailed market research

- Provide marketing/web teams assistance in linking/including media to web page (if needed)  

- “soft launch” and split testing of video creatives on Facebook/LinkedIn: The data we get from your “soft launch” will show us how people are engaging and reacting with your video and is crucial will and will be monitored to see which audiences are performing the highest. We recommend a minimum ad spend of $500 ad spend for the soft launch.

- Soft Launch review with your team: We will present you the testing results and recommend a daily advertising budget moving forward. You will be able to see exactly how each video is performing in real time for any given audience and interest.



Phase 3: Campaign Management, Launch


By this point, we are ready to fully launch your campaign. We’ve got our video; We have the data; We’ve tested it out on the market and we have clear indicators on how each demographic and audience is reacting to your videos.  We’ve narrowed down your audience and are making sure that the only people who see this video are people with a high probability to make .


It’s go time!


For this first official month of launch, our goal is to generate at least 10 leads for your business in this first month and for you to close 1 or 2 sales of $60,000 each.

Each month we will continue to invest in more ad-spend generating you more and more leads. 

As the leads/appointments come in, they will be automatically emailed to you and your selected staff. We can now see exactly how much money our videos are making you and what demographics are the strongest. and scale bigger spending to the audiences bringing us the most leads/conversions.  


As we will go over your results together, you will know exactly what your ROI is with our commercial video campaigns and see your ROI in REAL TIME.  We will know who to target and who to stay away from. You now have a PREDICTABLE and TRACKABLE system that  brings you consistent leads, sales and profitability --- You can now scale and grow your business as you see fit.