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Welcome Farshad!

People are stressed out enough as it is right now. So, let's humor them with hilarious content about Real Estate to build your brand stand out even more.

What is our goal?

We want to help you gain more followers, and sell more homes by 

incorporating our brand of humor into your real estate videos.

How are we gonna' do that? 
 Write and create some of the most outlandish, batshit crazy comedy sketches about real estate -- while at the same time, showcasing your brand and listings in a way that nobody else is doing.


Million Dollar Listing: Persian Edition 

CRIBS (with made up characters) 


Social Media (Youtube, IG) - Paid and Organic 
Partnership/Ads running on Persian AF page
Samples Of Our Work
Branding with Humor
We love making fun of social topics and
consumer culture! So we filmed this
solar energy commercial similar to the style of a typical pharmaceutical ad, but turned it on its head.  
Persian Matchmaker 
The Sheytoon App
This parody sketch was a full blown 8 minute ad for the Sheytoon App. Rather than film a generic commercial, Persian AF collaborated with multiple influencers to create a parody sketch centered around singles. 
So.... Let's Hear Your Thoughts!