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High engaging videos designed to make your prospects feel at ease

What is our goal?
Build your brand through a series of humorous & informative videos and directly drive visitors to set up an appointment with you and your staff and/or grow your social media page(s)
How are we gonna' do that? 
Invest in the CREATIVE and make your company stand out! 
 Generate video content that doesn't come off as your typical ads.
Tell a fun and relatable story and create an engaging video that will get shared throughout the country!



Premise: Hilarity ensues as a young Persian woman visits Dr. Kian with her mother. The mother holds nothing back in her onions about her daughters looks and welfare and is blinded by her own selfishness and self interest. I can think of 100 jokes already for this!  

Conflict: People have enough on their mind when visiting a plastic surgeon and are often influenced by outside interests, rather than what is best for themselves. This can often make the experience much more difficult than it needs to be. In this situation, a girl simply wants a nose job, but the mother constantly berates her and tells her all the things that are wrong with her face, leading to some deep rooted opinions that have nothing to do with her looks and everything to do with the mothers lack of understanding. This is where all the humor is carried out as Dr. Kian reacts calmly, often breaking the 4th wall and looking at the camera/viewers as if hes saying "Are you seeing what I'm seeing???"

Resolution: After politely asking the mother to leave the room, Dr. Kian helps the girl realize why she is there in the first place and encourages her to do what makes her happy. This also helps drive home the fact that Dr. Kian has her interests in mind and will recommend her a procedure to satisfy her needs and not her mother. The situation is also very relatable for any mother and daughter. We can also end this with a very funny catchphrase regarding your office and mothers. 

"Don't ask your mom. Ask Dr. Kian" "Dr Kian's Rhinoplasty: No Moms Required" -- I'm simply riffing here, just funny ideas I came up with. I love this concept. 


PROMO: A very fun and lighthearted walkthrough of your office as we tell fun jokes and anecdotes that represent the plastic surgery industry as a whole: The types of doctors, the types of clients, the incredible pressure that many people have sustaining their looks. This is a fully "self aware" video, which allows you to break the 4th wall and talk directly with your clients and let them get to know you and that you are not afraid to make fun of yourself, but that you are proud of what you do. We can also make fun of certain stigmas that Persian parents put on their kids to be surgeons in a fun way too.  Again, we are not making fun of the clients or their looks... we are making fun of the absurdities in your industry and we play them to your advantage to present an unforgettable "office tour" that makes you and your clinic stand out amongst the many surgeons/practices in LA. 


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PREMISE: A fake reality show about a group of friends and family who are fed up with their friend (male/female) who constantly ruins their photos by applying beauty filters to his/her face, often making themselves unrecognizable and off-putting. They hire Dr. Shru, a fake doctor who stars in a reality show about addiction. The serious tone of this video, along with the absurdity is what makes it funny and relatable

CONFLICT: The girl/boy is addicted to beauty filters but doesn't seem to have any major facial flaws. This person is just heavily influenced by outsiders and social media to look like a cartoon, when in fact they look fine. Dr. Shru certainly doesnt help as he offers terrible advice, showing that he himself is just as bad as the rest of the "influencer" world, who is obsessed with himself and his ratings. One bye one, each family member talks about a flashback or moment where the beauty filter ruined their life as we also supply fun and hilarious pictures of these filters in practice with a hilarious re-enactment. 

RESOLUTION: Dr. Kian interrupts the session by breaking the 4th wall and speaking directly to the viewers/audience - stating a lot of common facts and anecdotes about the these beauty apps and many misconceptions about plastic surgery and why you don't need to look like a cartoon to begin with. Finally he says that before you decide to make a drastic change to your face,  you may want to speak to an (actual) professional, and not Dr. Shru. Along with that, he explains the benefits of plastic surgery that could help this person and their "addiction" and that maybe just changing a small thing could bring great joy and happiness, without having to morph your face entirely with an app. 

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Generate between 15 to 25 new clients per video
Differentiate you from every other plastic surgeon as you set the new standard for creative practices in your industry, attracting more clients and notoriety throughout the industry.  
Samples Of Our Work
Branding with Humor
We love making fun of social topics and
consumer culture! So we filmed this
solar energy commercial similar to the style of a typical pharmaceutical ad, but turned it on its head.  
Persian Mathmaker 
The Sheytoon App
This parody sketch was a full blown 8 minute ad for the Sheytoon App. Rather than film a generic commercial, Persian AF collaborated with multiple influencers to create a parody sketch centered around singles. 
This video is clearly just a technical showcase. We were involved with the conception and creative and the commercial was filmed by our award winning director and filmmaker Christoph Lacmanski.
ButterBrand: 420 in San Francisco
Documentary Style
 When it comes to celebrating 4/20, few places can compare to San Francisco's massive annual smoke fest at Hippy Hill. As a sponsor/vendor for this event, ButterBrand asked us to make a short film on the festivities and events.
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